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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield


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    • An improved M26 hand grenade with enhanced safety and reliability in operation, storage and transportation
    • M26IM is identical in lethality, handling and dimensions to the basic M26 grenade
    • The grenade complies with the latest Insensitive Munition (IM) safety requirements (MIL-STD 2105): Bullet impact (up to 0.5”), Fast Cook Off (FCO), Slow Cook Off (SCO)
      Sympathetic detonation
    • Dimensions: length – 107mm; weight – 450g; diameter – 61mm

    The world’s first battle-ready Bullet Proof (BP) grenade

    • The enhanced safety fuzing technology complies with MIL-STD 1316B standard and has been implemented in the M26 and M67 grenades
    • The mechanism:
      • Provides enhanced safety and reliability in operation, storage and transportation (with C,D,E groups)
      • Keeps form, fit and function of the current grenades
      • Meets MIL-STD 2105 Insensitive Munition (IM) objectives: Bullet Impact , Fast Cook Off , Slow Cook Off and Sympathetic Detonation
    • No additional training is required
    • IMI has partnered with SPECTRA TECHNOLOGIES LLC to manufacture the safety IM grenade for U.S. customers
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  • M60T

    Modernization Package for veteran MBTs
    We have upgraded 170 M60A3 MBTs, in what is considered one of the largest tank upgrade programs in the last 20 years

    • Firepower

    120 mm gun system, Digital fire control system, All Electric Gun & Turret Drives, Remotely controlled weapon station

    • Survivability

    Hybrid add-on protection; Iron Fist – soft & hard kill active protection system, IR & laser warning system and situational awareness

    • Maneuverability

    Enhanced suspension and improved powerpack and tracks

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  • Urban POMINS

    Portable Mine & IED Neutralization System

    • Rocket launched grenade chain for destruction of wire fences, barriers and Improved Explosive Devices (IED) in open & urban scenarios
    • Produces shock wave and fragmentation
    • Length of fully deployed grenade chain – 25m
    • Highest point in flight – 4m
    • Carried and operated by two soldiers
  • Bright Arrow

    Combines APS and Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS)  Bright Arrow delivers firepower, survivability and situational awareness – all in one system

    • Designed for Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs)
    • Based on IMI’s IRON FIST APS and WAVE family of RCWS for 7.62, 12.7, and 40mm AGL
    • Provides 360° situational awareness and early warning of incoming threats
    • In the event of an attack, the system immediately engages the threat, employing Soft or Hard-Kill countermeasures and responds with its stabilized machine gun
  • Iron Fist

    Soft & Hard Kill Active Protection System against RPG, ATGM, HEAT & KE Rounds:

    • Soft-Kill – directional electro-optic (E/O) jammer and instantaneous smoke screen
    • Hard-Kill – blast interceptor initiated against incoming threats at a safe distance from the protected platform
    • Wide coverage with minimal weight and integration requirements
    • 360° radar & IR-based situational awareness
    • Protection against the full spectrum of Anti-Tank threats: RPGs, ATGMs, HEAT & KE tank cartridges
    • Defeats short range ATRs (RPGs) in open and urban environments
    • Automatically identifies enemy firing positions and enables rapid counter-fire
  • Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC)

    Hard kill Active Protection System for Light to Medium AFVs:

    • All-in-one unit (sensors, main computer and launcher)
    • Bolt-on, no penetration to vehicle structure
    • Two independent sensing techniques: RF and passive IR
    • 360 deg. coverage, high elevation angle
    • Situational awareness based on system’s sensors suit
    • Light and compact system
    • Easy and simple Integration
    • Protection against short range ATRs, ATGM


    • Small blast interceptor, minimal collateral damage
    • Insensitive munition (IM)
    • Fusing redundancy and fail-safe initiation
    • S.W.A.P: 0.25m3, 250kg, 500W, All-in-one
  • LVAS

    Hybrid Add-on Armor System

    • Multi-hit Hybrid armor protection against RPG-7, 14.5mm AP, artillery shell fragments, and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
    • Light weight reactive cassettes containing small amount of energetic material with no blunt trauma on the vehicle walls, and low environmental influence on and around the vehicle
    • No sympathetic detonation between neighboring tiles
    • Low flammability reactive material
    • Tagging capability
    • Tailorable to any kind of APC/AFV


  • Iron wall / Breakwater

    Hybrid protection modules against Improvised Explosive (EFP&SFF):


    • A passive protection against medium IEDs, such as Explosive Flyer Plates (EFP) and Steel ball charge Focus Fragments (SFF)
    • Combines composite materials and metals


    • An advanced reactive protection against anti-tank shoulder-launched rockets (RPG-7), missiles and heavy EFPs employing advanced copper liners
    • High level of protection against small arms
    • Conforming to STANAG 4569 level 5
    • Can also defeat RKG-3 shaped-charge grenage




    Multi-Role All Terrain Armored Vehicle designed to Protects against light and medium caliber ammo, anti-tank rockets, including RPG’s, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and mines.

    • Tailored to Urban Warfare, Low Intensity Conflicts, and Operations Other Than War (OOTW)
    • Based on a unique TATRA  4×4 chassis
    • High cross-country and on-road maneuverability
    • Modern monocoque hull structure providing better Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
    • C-130, C-17, A400M transportability (Class protection A)
    • Anti-mine collapsible seats, automatic fire detection and suppression system,
      air-conditioning, NBC protection suite, smoke grenade-launching system
    • Family of Vehicle-C4I,Reconnaissance, Logistic Recovery, Medical Evacuation & Engineer
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  • Combatguard

    4X4 Extreme off-Road Highly Protected AFV

    • A unique, high speed, multi mission, tough terrain  Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV)
    • Rigid and efficient “Monocoque” capsule provides high level of protection
    • Enables efficient operation in a variety of  combat missions and terrains
    • Can be equipped with various weapon systems and RCWS
    • Option for IMI’s “Bright Arrow ” – combined active protection system (APS) with RCWS
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  • Urban Fighter

    M113 APC for LIC and Peacekeeping Missions

    • Multi-roll, all-terrain up-armored M113, versatile, with improved maneuverability & survivability
    • Designed for carrying 9 infantry troops with full combat gear throughout the entire range of military operations, from Low Intensity to Full Scale Conflicts, urban warfare and Homeland security missions
    • Protects against IEDs ,RPGs (Slat) and 14.5mm AP cartridges
    • Copula for two troops behind powerpack compartement
    • 8 Firing ports
    • Optional systems: A/C, steering wheel, energy absorbing seats, external TV cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, remote controlled weapon station
    • In operational use by the IDF
  • Upgraded M113 Improvements

    Protection & Survivability

    • Add-on ballistic protection
    • Active protection system – Soft & Hard kill (IRON FIST)
    • Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Explosion suppression system

    Fire Power

    • Remote controlled weapon station – 7.62mm, 0.5”/12.7mm and 40mm
    • grenade launcher (MG)
    • 12.7mm MG QCB with gun shield


    • 275hp up to 400hp power – pack
    • Enhanced suspension system
    • HMI improvements (wheel steering, pedal braking)