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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield


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  • Advanced IR Spectral Flares

    • State-of-the-art advanced IR spectral decoy flares provide fixed-wing and rotary combat aircraft with increased survivability against most threats on today’s battlefield
    • Designed for AN/ALE-40/45 and equivalent dispensers
    • Combat-proven by the IDF
    • Can defeat advanced MANPADS
    • Different types of flares and chaff cartridges
    • Conforming to market requirements ands countermeasure-dispensing
    • Self protection systems for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Advanced Round Spectral Flare

    Expendable advanced countermeasure products in use by the Israeli Air Forceand air forces around the world.

    • 36mm x 6” Advanced Round Spectral Decoy Flare, based on the MJU-32/B naval variant
    • Multiple threats single solution
    • Provides fixed wing and rotary combat aircraft with increased survivability
    • Counters advanced IR threats in the spectral region
    • Defeats advanced MANPADS
    • Incorporates Safe & Initiation (S&I) mechanism
    • Interoperable with AN/ALE-39 and similar dispensing systems
  • AIRMOR Protection Suite for Helicopters & Transport A/C

    • The technical concept encapsulates 3 functional elements:
    • Detection – Electro – optical UV missile warning system (MWS)
    • Processing & HMI – Management Control Unit (MCU) and Control Display Unit (CDU)
    • Countermeasures – various flares, including the MINI-SAMP
  • ITALD – Improved Tactical Air Launched Decoy

    • Distinctive modular concept
    • Air launched stand-off decoy system
    • Air launched target with RF and/or IR signatures
    • Behavior:  Multiple False Targets, different individual target RCS and velocity, and programmable Individual Apparent Target Flight Behavior
    • Modular Vehicle design with multiple payload options (RF and/or IR)
    • Sea-skimming target for realistic threat simulation
    • Standoff range
    • Multiple way-point trajectory
    • Multiple carriage on standard bomb racks
    • Wooden Round

    Stand-Alone Missile Protection System

    • A new Mini Countermeasures Dispenser System and Mini IR Decoy Flare, capable of defeating most modern IR-seeking MANPADS and air-to-air missiles using 1/3 the weight and length of standard flares/chaff.
    • Offers protection of previously undefended light helicopters (overcoming weight constraints) and improved protection of medium-size helicopters (a larger amount of flares/chaff).
    • Available as a complete system installed on aircraft or as an upgrade kit to existing Countermeasures Dispenser Systems (CMDS) already in use with the customer.
  • MULTI-BLU (Mini Stand-Alone Missile Protection System)

    • Half-size flare – increased amount of flares in the magazine (60 instead of 30)
    • Standard Dispenser
  • TSR (Target Simulation Rockets)

    • A family of low-cost, high-performance target simulators for realistic threat emulation of incoming missiles and rockets.
    • Designed for training, testing and development of air defense systems and their components.
    • Can be launched from various platforms: fixed or mobile ground launchers, as well as naval vessels.
    • Variants: TSR-160-based on IMI’s LAR 160 rocket & TSR-306-based on IMI’s EXTRA rocket (equipped with FTS and telemetry unit)