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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield

Homeland Security (HLS)

  • RED SKY 2 (RSK-DD)

    IMI systems’ RED SKY2 Directional Drone Defender System (RSK-DD) is designed to detect, disrupt and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles engaged in a potentially malicious activity or hostile airborne surveillance missions and prevent them from attacking VIPs and/or infiltrating sensitive location such as stadiums, airports, secured compounds, military bases, etc.
    The RSK-DD combines a unique aerial radar detection, electro-optical thermal acquisition and high powerful directional RF neutralization abilities with extremely high detection and neutralization range of 3 to 5 km.
    The system can be supplied either as an active system or reactive system that operates only after triggering an alarm when an unfamiliar object reaches to the aerial security zone.

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  • ACE_Adaptive Communication Enforcer

    The next generation of operational cyber protection

    The A.C.E (Adaptive Communication Enforcer) solution of IMI Systems offers Industrial and Civil sector, Military industries and System on Chip an innovative and advanced approach to operational protection of infrastructure systems, real-time systems and control systems against cyber threats.

    • Full operational protection CBA
    • Leveraging capabilities of monitoring and controlling traffic
    • Comprehensive protection through value-added systems
    • Files and documents whitening and blackening in real time
    • Rapid lowering of secret core classification level in target system
    • Role Based  authentication throughout the entire protected  system


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  • Security Forces Formation

  • Energy Installations and Pipelines

  • Borders & Borders Crossing

    Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle

    • Life saver solution for wide range of security, safety and rescue ,missions
    • Always on guard, day and night, 24/7
    • Low operation cost comparing to manned missions
    • The first (known) operational AUGV
  • Critical Sites Security

    When it comes to protecting critical sites there is no place for mistakes hence IMI Systems provides comprehensive end-to end protection solution which includes:

    For more than 30 years the HLS team of IMI Systems has been involved in the design, planning and implementation of security solutions for sensitive assets in Israel and throughout the world.

    • Threats survey & analysis
    • Security design and plan preparation
    • Supervision of the infrastructures construction and preparation process
    • Writing the CONOPS (Concept of Operation)
    • SPR (Standard Procedure Regulation) preparation
    • Equipment supply and installation
    • Technologies implementation
    • Professional training
    • Drills and troubleshooting conducting
  • Maritime Security and dominance

    • Security solutions for sea and ports designed to maintain:
    • National sovereignty at sea
    • Prevent maritime terrorism, piracy, and illegal fishery
    • Protect offshore facilities
    • Prevent illegal migration and smuggling
    • Secure merchant traffic safety
    • Support national and international efforts in coping with natural disasters, rescue operations.
  • Complete & integrated HLS solutions

    Integrated, Multilayer Security Solutions (HLS)

    • Evaluation and situation-analysis (Survey)
    • Tailoring a comprehensive solution to reach the goal
    • Doctrine, Methodology and Training
    • Formation (Force) build-up
    • Supply of Equipment & Armament & ILS
    • Implementation and fielding
    • Consulting and adaptation