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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield

Civil Defense

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  • First Responders

  • Natural Disasters Preparedness & Management

    Preparedness & Management

    • Natural Disasters Preparedness & Management
    • Complete solution
    • Crisis handling $ management
    • Build-up of first responders and search & rescuer forces: training, methodology and equipment operating
  • Fortification Bomb Shelter

    Manufactured according to the home front command’s residential and institutional secure space engineering specifications and includes electrical, lighting, ventilation and filtration systems:

    • External steel secured space produced by IMI systems.
    • Durable fortification against direct hit of 122 mm Grad rocket.
    • Suitable for public spaces, facilities, IDF bases, exposed workspaces and residential areas.
    • Made of unique steel
    • Weigh one-third of equivalent concrete bomb shelters.
    • Requires minimum footprint
    • Available at any required size.
    • Easy to transport and place wherever needed
  • External Overhead Protection

    A lightweight steel shielding roof protection against high trajectory Artillery designed to protect military and civilian compounds and structures in areas subject to enemy artillery attacks (artillery rockets & mortar rounds).

    • Durable fortification against direct hit of 122 mm Grad rocket and mortar shell.
    • Applicable for existing and new military and civilian facilities and buildings.
    • Quick and easy installation.

    Installed in several facilities across Israel including educational facilities around the Gaza Strip and hazardous materials hoards factories

    IMI System offers specific fortification solutions against larger threats as well

  • Portable Bomb Shelter

    A transportable fortification shelter designed to withstand a close range hit of 122 mm artillery mortar shells and Grad rockets.

    • Certified by the Israeli Home Front Command
    • Suitable for public spaces, educational facilities, exposed workspaces, and residential areas.
    • Requires minimum footprint.
    • Easy to transport and place wherever needed
    • Made of unique steel with starting weight of 5 tons.
    • Customizable and available in several sizes