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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield


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    Ship Launched Advanced Stand-off Missile

    • Precise target hit of mobile/re-locatable high-value targets
    • Autonomous with man in the loop
    • Long Range stand-off weapon
    • Loiter, attack, go around and re-attack
    • Minimal collateral damage
    • Optimized for real-time target changes
    • Reduced operator workload
    • Optimized cost per Kill
    • Real-time intelligence and BDA, BDI
    • Low sensitivity to target location error
    • Technical Specifications: Range: >110 NM / Weight: 230 Kg / Speed: 0.3-0.7 Mach


    Helicopter Launched Advanced Stand-off Missile

    • Precision strike long range electro optical missile
    • Loitering up to 22 minutes flight/re-attack
    • Effective against moving & re-locatable naval, land targets
    • Loitering, attack and re-attack mission profile
    • Man-in-the-loop intervention for target selection and final attack approval and BDA
    • Combat proven, in production (A/C launched variant)
    • Modularly adaptable to various platforms (ships, helicopter fixed wing, MPA)
    • Technical Specifications: Range: >110 NM / Weight: 230 Kg / Speed: 0.3-0.7 Mach

    Long-Range, Autonomous Ship-to-Shore Rocket Launcher

    • Low risk Sea-to-Shore weapon system 
    • Easy and rapid deployment
    • Long range capability in day, night & all weather conditions
    • Simple maintenance and operation 
    • Increased naval independence
    • Enhanced naval value in joint multi-branch military operations
    • Highly cost effective
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  • RDC

    Rocket Delivery Craft

    • A comprehensive system solution for small / medium size crafts
    • Includes both the launcher and the vessel as a whole one system
    • Enables to tailor vessels according to missions and customers requirements
  • RCFL

    Remote Controlled Fixed Launcher

    • Remote Controlled Fixed Launcher for coast defense & other missions
    • Capable of launching all IMI rockets/missiles(122 to 306mm)
    • Missiles: 4 Accular or 2 EXTRA
    • Remote controlled from C4I
    • Launch Azimuth & Elevation: 360°, 0-75°
    • Reload time <10 min
    • Integratable within any existing local systems & component
    • Availability: 24/7
    • Low signature
  • 76mm Naval Ammunition

    • IMI offers a family of naval munitions for OM 76/62mm guns
    • Variants include: High-Explosive (HE) for blast and fragmentation effects; White-Phosphorus (WP) Smoke & Training Practice (TP)
    • The ammunition is combat-proven by the Israeli Navy
    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum range: 16.2km
      • Full weight: 12.4kg
      • Projectile weight (with fuze): 6.2kg
      • Muzzle velocity: 930 m/s
  • CIDS

    Coast & Islands Defense System

    • Target detection and tracking
    • Long range engagement
    • Quick response
    • Self propelled (LYNX) or fixed (RCFL) launchers
    • Remote controlled operation options
    • Highly accurate missiles (10 m CEP)
    • Improved lethality
  • Naval WAVE RCWS

    • A fully Naval stabilized remotely controlled weapon station, providing a complete solution for targeting and weapon handling from within a protected position
    • Capabilities of automatic tracking, acquiring targets, improving hit probability in marine environment 24/7 (day & night)
    • Compact, lightweight, low profile system, easily installable on various types of marine platforms up to 14.5mm 
    • Modular design for selecting a variety of optical devices, enabling flexible control, connections to additional systems, and could be tailored to specific customer needs
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