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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield



    Air-Launched Advanced Standoff (S/O) Missile

    An advanced, combat-proven, electro-optically (E/O) guided S/O weapon system:

    • Pinpoint accuracy against mobile/relocatable high value targets
    • Autonomy with man-in-the-loop control
    • Loitering up to 22 minutes (flight / re-attack)
    • Minimal collateral damage
    • Optimized for real-time target changes
    • Reduced operator workload
    • Real-time intelligence, BDA & BDI
    • Low sensitivity to target location error
    • Technical Specifications: Weight – 187kg; speed – 0.3-0.7 Mach

    Precision Gliding, Affordable Bombs for Close Air Support (CAS)

    • Highly effective warheads with 3 mode fuze
    • Multi-aspect capability
    • >50 km gliding range
    • Accuracy: 10m CEP
    • Weight: 50kg/110lb (W/H: 35kg/77lb)
    • Diameter: 120mm/4.7”; 180mm/7”
    • Length: 775mm/30.6” ; 1118mm/46.2”
    • Reduced collateral damage due to accuracy and size
    • Droppable from a wide range of aircraft
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  • MPR500

    500 lb Multi-Purpose Rigid GP Bomb

    • A combat-proven 500lb. Multi-Purpose Rigid penetration and surface attack bomb with MK-84 effectiveness in MK-82 dimensions
    • Part of a family of next-generation (250, 1000, 2000 lb) GP bombs Reliability >90%
    • Approved by BOEING as compatible with JDAM guidance kit
    • Advantages:
      • Ensures improved penetration capabilities (4 double-reinforced concrete walls/floors 200mm thick each or 1m double-reinforced concrete)
      • Eliminates “J” effect – guaranteeing straight penetration path in target
      • Utilizes approximately 26,000 controlled fragments for concentrated blast and controlled fragmentation effects against targets in open terrain
      • Fully Compatible with all guidance systems
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  • IFB500

    Improved Fragmentation Bomb

    • A highly-effective Anti-Material / Anti-Personnel Air-to-Surface bomb for western and eastern aircraft.
    • The bomb’s large number of steel balls and proximity fuze guarantee increased lethality within a controlled fragmentation envelope
    • Dimensions: length – 2,430mm; weight – 500kg; diameter- 400mm
  • MSOV

    Modular Standoff Vehicle

    • Area target stand off weapon for accurate and effective kill
    • 1050 kg with 675 kg warhead
    • Autonomous, Fire and Forget
    • All weather conditions, Day & Night
    • Modular Design
    • Variety of Warheads (Option: Unitary Penetrator, Anti Runway Penetrators)
    • Pre-Flight and In-Flight Mission Update