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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield


  • Joint Assault Bridge for Armored Vehicles (JAB)

    Joint Assault Bridge System

    A fully tracked armored engineering vehicle

    • Provide Mobility Augmentation Companies with bridging capabilities to cross gaps and obstacles in combat
    • Based on a hydraulically actuated AVLB MLC 85 Scissor Bridge
    • Selected by the US Army to replace the existing AVLB for the US Abrams tank


  • Foot Mobile Assault Bridge (FMAB)

    Foot Mobile Assault Bridge

    Light, modular and rapidly deployed assault Foot Bridge for infantry troops

      • A variant of the SPB
      • In use and combat proven by the U.S. Marines corps (NSN 5420-01-580-5748 FMAB)


    • Awarded by the DoD



  • Sectional Personnel Bridge (SPB)

    Sectional Personnel Bridge

    Light, modular and rapidly deployed assault Foot Bridge for infantry troops

    • Dry gaps up to 35m with no intermediate support
    • Wet gap employment over 50m with floats every 20m [anchoring as required]
    • No equipment or personnel required on the far bank of the obstacle
    • No special equipment or tools required
    • Rapidly emplaced: 36m in less than 10 minutes
    • Launch & retrieval – either bank
    • Each section: 4m long; 42 kg; carried by 2 soldiers
  • Tandem Assault Crossing System (TACS)

    Tandem Assault Crossing System

    Assault bridging system enabling armored forces multiple-gap-crossing capability with enhanced maneuverability on the battlefield:

    • Enables operation in mountain terrain
    • Comprised of an Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) launcher and two identical MLC-70 bridges 11.7m long each, capable of spanning gaps up to 11m wide
    • Guarantees high survivability and redundancy
    • The bridges can be launched and recovered from either end
    • AVLB can carry and launch the TACS with no major changes