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IMI Systems is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end combat-proven solutions for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield

Combat Engineering


    IMI systems is the national center of excellence for solid rocket propulsion where in-house rocket science engineers are developing and producing solid propulsion systems for various types of applications:

    • Hypersonic rocket motors for interceptor missiles
    • Powerful Boosters for Satellite Launchers
    • UAV Boosters
    • Thruster Kit for Attitude Control
    • Lightweight motors for shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons
    • Surface-to-air and naval missiles.
  • Joint Assault Bridge for Armored Vehicles (JAB)

    Joint Assault Bridge System

    A fully tracked armored engineering vehicle

    • Provide Mobility Augmentation Companies with bridging capabilities to cross gaps and obstacles in combat
    • Based on a hydraulically actuated AVLB MLC 85 Scissor Bridge
    • Selected by the US Army to replace the existing AVLB for the US Abrams tank


  • Safe & ARM Devices (S&A)

  • Missile Destruction / Separation Assembly

  • FLSC
    (Fexible Linear Shaped Charges)

  • Detonator 1A/1W

  • Pyrotechnic

  • Pyrotechnic

  • Pyrotechnic
    Actuators-Explosive Bolts

  • Pyrotechnic

  • Command Cords (Explosive Transfer Lines) & Manifolds #2

  • Command Cords (Explosive Transfer Lines) & Manifolds #1

  • Confined Detonation Fuze Cord (CDF) #2

  • Confined Detonation Fuze Cord (CDF) #1

  • Gas Generator #2

  • Gas Generator #1

  • Gas Generator 1A/1W

  • Urban POMINS
    Portable Mine & IED Neutralization System

    Rocket launched grenade chain for destruction of wire fences, barriers and Improved Explosive Devices (IED) in open & urban scenarios

    • Produces shock wave and fragmentation
    • Length of fully deployed grenade chain – 25m
    • Highest point in flight – 4m
    • Carried and operated by two soldiers
    View Brochure / Video
    Electronic Time Initiator

    • A  new electronic time initiator designed to detonate explosives from a safe distance
    • Incorporates an electronic S&A, which meets MIL-STD 1316 and guarantees fail-safe logic
    • Accurate detonation time is achieved using 2 independent digital timers
    • All safety functions are checked by automatic BIT during power up
  • Breaching Frame
    Pyrotechnic Breaching Device

    • A remotely-activated pyrotechnic breaching device
    • Designed to create a passageway for military and law enforcement personnel
    • Available in various grain sizes
    • Comprises an initiator, flexible transfer cord and detonator
    • Can integrate IMI’s MATCHBOX electronic time initiator
    • 3 way attachment – elescoping pole, magnetic tape and double-sided tape
    View Brochure / Video
  • Foot Mobile Assault Bridge (FMAB)

    Foot Mobile Assault Bridge

    Light, modular and rapidly deployed assault Foot Bridge for infantry troops

      • A variant of the SPB
      • In use and combat proven by the U.S. Marines corps (NSN 5420-01-580-5748 FMAB)


    • Awarded by the DoD



  • Sectional Personnel Bridge (SPB)

    Sectional Personnel Bridge

    Light, modular and rapidly deployed assault Foot Bridge for infantry troops

    • Dry gaps up to 35m with no intermediate support
    • Wet gap employment over 50m with floats every 20m [anchoring as required]
    • No equipment or personnel required on the far bank of the obstacle
    • No special equipment or tools required
    • Rapidly emplaced: 36m in less than 10 minutes
    • Launch & retrieval – either bank
    • Each section: 4m long; 42 kg; carried by 2 soldiers
  • Tandem Assault Crossing System (TACS)

    Tandem Assault Crossing System

    Assault bridging system enabling armored forces multiple-gap-crossing capability with enhanced maneuverability on the battlefield:

    • Enables operation in mountain terrain
    • Comprised of an Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB) launcher and two identical MLC-70 bridges 11.7m long each, capable of spanning gaps up to 11m wide
    • Guarantees high survivability and redundancy
    • The bridges can be launched and recovered from either end
    • AVLB can carry and launch the TACS with no major changes