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About Us

IMI System’s Central Procurement Administration was established at the beginning of 2015 to coordinate all the goods and services procurement activities for the company in Israel and abroad in its various plants and sites.

The Central Procurement Administration acts according to the company’s policy and business strategy, and assists the company in achieving its professional, business and commercial goals.

This is done by continually instituting processes that increase the company’s efficiency, reduce expenses and fulfil the multi-annual procurement program.

The Procurement Administration is headed by the Central Procurement Manager, and include seven Technological Procurement Managers each of whom is responsible in their own specific territory for the execution of sectoral procurement for all of the company’s units.

In addition, the company maintains a procurement delegation based in New York that is subservient to the Central Procurement Administration whose function it is to assist the company in everything relating to procurement using FMF finance.

Central Procurement Organization Chart

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Terms & Conditions

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The terms and conditions of each purchase are incorporated into and shall apply to the offer/order of IMI SYSTEMS Ltd to purchase the materials

Services and products, described on the face of the purchase Order. Each order must be accepted in writing by the vendor who is named on the face of the order. If for any reason vendor should fail to accept it in writing,

any conduct by the vendor which recognizes the existence of a contract pertaining to the subject matter hereof shall constitute acceptance by the vendor of the order and all of its terms and conditions.

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Become  IMI Supplier / Manufacturer

Suppliers Requirements

The supplier’s Quality Management System shall be certified to ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Requirements, by an authorized organization.
The supplier shall inform IMI Systems of any changes related to the quality system including certification.

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ISO 9000 quality standards

Prior to manufacturing a “Kickoff Meeting” will be required with IMI Systems representatives and the supplier will be required to submit IMI Systems with FAI sample for approval.
Likewise, the supplier will be required to announce upon the start of manufacturing as well as to ensure a minimal shelf time, of at least 80% of shelf time by the time of leaving the supplier’s facility.

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New tenders will be published periodically

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The central procurement administration
team will be happy to be at your service

Name: Smadar Ben-Maor
Phone: 03-5485363
E-Mail: sbenmaor@imisystems.com