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Our Technology

Over 8 decades of experience in the defense market, bestow IMI Systems’ reputation as a preferred and highly appreciated defense solutions provider. The state of the art artillery rocket systems, air to ground weapons, advanced tank and artillery ammunition, mobility systems & infantry solutions developed by IMI Systems are all based on extensive combat operational experience, comprehensive knowledge of weapon systems, high-end technology, exclusive methodologies and a seasoned team of engineers focused on developing innovative, proven, effective and affordable solutions aiming to meet the modern battlefield needs.

The research, development and engineering activities conducted by IMI Systems in each area of its business activity by teams of highly experienced engineers and developers from various disciplines and areas of expertise in both headquarter and division levels.

Likewise, IMI Systems operation and manufacturing departments are also maintaining significant technology and engineering capabilities, aiming to support the initiation and improvements of production processes, advanced experimentation techniques and other relevant methodologies..

Whether carried out in the divisions or in the operations and manufacturing level each and every R&D and engineering activity is supported by rigorous quality assurance processes for full compliance with required standards.

The vast resources IMI Systems invests in R&D is based on internal resources (with or without the participation of other parties), IMOD funding for multi-year projects and grants of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Economics and are all dedicated to the development of new technologies, the enhancement and improvement of existing systems and products, the acceleration of design and manufacturing processes as well as to reduce costs in current and future areas of activities, according to the company’s business strategy, such as:

  • Air – precision air-armament as well as protection of airborne platforms and other strategic facilities on the other hand.
  • Artillery – guidance and homing improvements of weapons such as long-range rockets, smart ballistic munitions, etc.
  • Armor and Combat Engineering – survival of AFV platforms and ground-based installations using passive, reactive and active protection systems, tank and future AFV munitions, combat bridging for vehicles and infantry, etc.
  • Infantry and HLS – bulletproof vests, combat mobility, shoulder launched missiles, hand and launched grenades, precision-guided mortar munitions, and less-than-lethal weapons.

As an innovative company,  IMI Systems owns intangible and intellectual property assets, including, among others, patents in force, patent applications, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, domain names, confidentiality agreements, licenses in information, computing and software, know-how developed in-house or received from third parties, and more.

Among the various intellectual property rights IMI Systems owns more than 40 valid patents for products, systems, methods and mechanisms, registered by the company in Israel and in the USA, Europe and Asia, more than 30 patent applications submitted by IMI Systems in Israel and in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia which are currently in various phases of examination, approval, registration and ratification as well as several trademarks, trade names and logos of IMI.