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Our Services

With an uncompromising approach of excellence and highly skillful teams of problem solvers, who are welcome the challenge of applying their expertise and experience to produce optimal solutions and assure customer satisfaction, IMI Systems offers top quality manufacturing and testing services that help its customer to leverage their capabilities of achieving their strategic goals.

Manufacturing Services

The IMI Systems Slavin manufacturing plant provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for military modernization, maintenance and reconstruction workshop centers of all kinds of vehicles, including MBT, APC and AFV as well as constructions, infrastructures, processes, equipment, transfer of technology, training and support.

Specializing in manufacturing and integration of complex heavy machinery systems and components for defense, agriculture, energy, automotive and other industries and Slavin’s wide range of products resulted in numerous in-house technologies and capabilities.
Designed to conduct large scale projects and small size missions, Slavin plant employs hundreds of employees and enjoys a continuing reputation as a reliable, qualitative and timely supplier for years in both domestic and international projects.

Equipped with Unigraphic CAD / CAM systems, Slavin’s engineering department is able to accelerate product development and perform state-of-the-art designs, analysis, planning and drafting. The department executes every products’ drawing, material specifications, processing, detailed operation sheets, drawings of tools, fixtures, inspection gauges.

Hence its team of engineers are able to provide complete solutions, from the first stage of setting the requirements and concept, through design, manufacturing, testing and quality assurance to a complete product support throughout its life-cycle.

From the inspection of incoming sources, through quality checks at every stage, Slavin approach considers every activity as a process that can be continuously updated and approved. On top of the TQM (Total Quality Management) principles underlying the entire company operations, Slavin has adopted SPC (Statistic Process Control) methods and procedures to ensure a continuous process improvement.

The QA department of Slavin uses a wide range of measurement tools, including computerized measurement machines for measuring very large elements. With quality teams that monitor every stage of the process Slavin constantly conforms to its customers’ requirements, meet quality assurance policies and stringent requirements of national and international standards organizations and is approved by MIL-Q-9858A and ISO-9001.

Therefore, each and every product or service provided by Slavin offer high standard quality, meet precise requirements according to contract specifications, can be used or assembled as directly produced and is delivered on time.

As part of its quality policy Slavin pays special attention to protecting the environment using dedicated systems and implementing designated processes to assure that waste materials are channeled either to sources which do not and will not contaminate air and water.

Wherever dependability, capability and diversity count, customers find the Slavin manufacturing plant heavy metal manufacturing plant of IMI Systems as an excellent partner for successful and profitable business. Our skillful workforce is the source of our strength, and the prompt, professional attention we give to each project are the reasons that Slavin is enjoying steady growth.

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  • Welding

    Certified to IZO 3834-2 quality requirements for fusion welding our welding services controlled and supported by the most modern calibration and testing facilities, including non-destructive testing (NDT) and include:

    • Welding steel
    • Stainless steel and aluminum by gas-metal arc (GMAW)
    • Gas-tungsten (GTAW)
    • Submerged and resistance spot welding methods
    • Arc Spray robot
  • Systems assembly and integration

    Design, development, manufacture, assembly and integration of advanced, complex systems based on a command of automation, hydraulic, metal, pneumatic and electrical technologies as well as specializing in the integration of sophisticated robotic systems for special applications.

  • Surface treatment and finishing

    • Chemical Conversion
    • Chromate treatment for aluminum alloys, dip and brush application
    • Manual and automatic lines for parts up to 7 m length and 0.6 m diameter
    • Electrochemical Conversion Coatings
    • Crimes and hard anodizing processes, including manual and automatic lines for parts up to 7 m length
    • Painting and organic coating lines including automatic and manual spray painting for most types of paint systems
    • Solid lubricant application
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

    Design, development, manufacture, integration and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic components and kits such as pistons, manifolds, pipes, accessories, integrative systems including servo cycles.

  • Gear cutting and manufacturing

    A wide variety of spur, bevel, spiral, hybrid and warm gears from 10 mm up to 3,000 mm diameter, from 0.5 module to 40 module with accuracy up to 12 AGMA.

  • Bearing manufacturing

    Turning, sharpening, drilling, gearing, assembling and testing of bearings including a unique capability of wire bearing manufacture up to 2.8 mm diameter.

  • Drilling and honing

    Various single and multiple spindle drill presses, including:

    • Indexed table with swivel head turret drills
    • Pneumatically activated automatic drilling setups
    • Single and multiple spindles
    • Deep-hole drills of 200 x 799 meters including honing
  • Turning

    Conventional various size lathes which allow facing lathes and copying lathes for external and internal work and meet any customer requirements for high or low volume, heavy or light, precise to rough, up to 7 meters length and 3 mm diameter.

  • Milling

    A combination of skill, high technology, advanced machinery and huge CNC machines allow us to provide superb milling capability including:

    • Super high-velocity 4-axe machining centers with hydraulic copying attachments
    • Automatic cycle milling machines
    • Plugboard controlled milling machines for high-precision milling, as well as mass production

Munitions & Weapons
Test Center

The Munitions and Weapons Test Center of IMI Systems is the largest and most advanced test site in Israel specializes in performing comprehensive evaluations and testing of various kinds of explosives, propellants and gun-fired ammunition ordnance, ranging from small-caliber to 8 inch projectiles, mortars, rockets, missiles and aircraft armament warheads, land-based ammunition, grenades, mines, and pyrotechnic devices.

Military and commercial customers in Israel and all over the world are relying on the variety of solutions IMI Systems Test Center provides to meet their most demanding environmental test requirements while ensuring the quality and reliability of their products.

Testing within the Test Center is carried out in labs and in the open firing range and include live firing ranges which operated in the IMI Systems Proving Ground and offers live testing of artillery and tank ammunition at ranges of up to 40 km.

The wide variety of tests performed by the IMI Test Center include:
– Climatic and dynamic environmental testing
– Proving Ground
– High speed photography
– Pressure and velocity measurements

Employing highly experienced professionals, the test center is constantly focusing on creating the most diverse and rigorous test capabilities, guaranteeing our systems and ammunitions meet the test requirements of advanced military technologies.

The environmental testing lab is equipped to conduct a dynamic and climatic tests for items containing up to 300 kg of explosives (TNT equivalent), as well as automotive and full-scale live structural and modal testing.

Equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation the test ranges include projectile tracking radars, high-speed and X-ray photography, telemetry tracking system, high pressure and temperature measurement equipment, atmospheric weather instrumentation and other unique devices, performing an extensive array of tests, all according to our customers’ requests.

Conforming to the quality standards defined by potential customers, IMI’s ballistics laboratory is fully-geared to conduct thorough propellant and pyrotechnics evaluation and examine the dynamics of energetic and explosive materials through controlled disposal of ammunition and hazardous (class 1) explosive materials and evaluating the controlling explosion effects through specially constructed fragmentation arenas.

IMI Systems munition Test Center activities are conducted in accordance with TOP, ITOP, STANAG, MIL-STD-810 c,d,e,f,g , IDF and IMI test procedure standards and is certified to perform final production tests for the Israel MoD, Israel Defense Forces, the U.S Army, Air Force and Navy, the Israel Ministry of Transportation, as well as many overseas military and civilian organizations. The company is also certified to ISO 9002, 14,000 and 18,000 standards.

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  • Special Tests

    • Recovery firing at soft target and at high elevation
    • Insensitive munitions: Fragmentation tests, Fast cook-off, Slow cook-off
    • Arena tests
    • Noise measurement
    • Temperature measurement
  • Terminal Ballistics

    • Penetration firing
    • X-rays of target
    • High-speed Target photography
    • CAMS – Counting air and ground detonation measurement system
  • Internal Ballistics

    • Laboratory tests:
      • Primer evaluation and testing of high pressure open vessel
      • Propellant evaluation and testing of high pressure closed vessel
    • Pressure measurements (by Piezoelectric gauges or crushers)
    • In-barrel acceleration and velocity
    • Barrel displacement of up to 1/100 mm
  • External Ballistics

    • Flat trajectory firing
    • Accuracy firing
    • Tracking radar
    • Optical Photo-Sonics Tracking System which is mounted on a mobile chassis and consists of cameras in the Visible area, Infrared area, High-speed photography
    • X-rays of exiting projectile (from the muzzle)
    • Muzzle velocity
    • Telemetry tracking system
    • Tracking metrology
    • High-speed photography
    • Muzzle photography (with mirror)
    • Trajectory Tracker (TT)
    • Tracing time photography
    • Artillery test
  • Vibration & Shock Analysis

  • Modal tests

  • Bio-dynamic tests

    Bio-dynamic tests in a variety of field conditions

  • Automotive tests

  • Vibration tests

    • Mechanical Shock tests
    • Combined Tests:
      • Climatic with Dynamic tests
      • Vibration / shock tests with temperature
  • Drop test

  • Climatic Tests

    • Temperature tests – Cold / Hot
    • Temperature & Humidity test
    • Thermal Shock test