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Our Group

Positioned among the world’s leading defense solution providers, IMI Systems employs thousands of highly seasoned and qualified employees in 3 divisions, 6 business units and various productions, laboratories and test facilities and has 2 local subsidiaries: the Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-terror training and Ashot Ashkelon Ltd as well as 2 foreign subsidiaries located in the USA: IMI Services in Washington DC and IMI Trading in NYC.

Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd

A subsidiary of IMI Systems and a leading supplier of technologically advanced systems and components for the international aerospace, defense, automotive and other industries.

Publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Ashot Ashkelon has more than 47 years of manufacturing experience and employs over 560 employees. Its fully owned U.S.A subsidiary Reliance Gear Corp is located in Addison, Illinois and serves as the regional basis for gear and transmission development for commercial and defense customers.

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IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training

A subsidiary of IMI Systems and a leading integrated solutions provider for government agencies, police, law enforcement, military and commercial customers worldwide.

Established in 1999 by veterans of the Israeli security forces, IMI Academy specializes in a wide range of comprehensive security training programs, including anti-terrorism, anti-crime and homeland security.

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IMI Services U.S.A., Inc.

A fully owned by IMI systems IMI Services is a US company providing marketing services to IMI systems and other companies in the group.

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A US company fully owned by IMI systems Providing procurement services to IMI Systems and other companies in the group.

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