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  • TRIGON Naval Rocket Launcher

    A Long-Range, Autonomous Ship-to-Shore Rocket Launcher
    - Low risk Sea-to-Shore weapon system
    - Easy and rapid deployment
    - Long range capability in day, night & all weather conditions
    - Simple maintenance and operation
    - Increased naval independence
    - Enhanced naval value in joint multi-branch military operations
    - Highly cost effective

  • IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training

    The IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training is a leading integrated solutions provider for military, law enforcement, government agencies and commercial clients worldwide hence its customers leverage the extensive set of solutions in supporting their demanding challenges, based on an accumulated knowledge and vast experience.

  • Complete & integrated HLS solutions

    As a turnkey solutions provider, the HLS business unit of IMI Systems offers security agencies and corporations around the world integrated and complete innovative multi-layer and multidisciplinary solutions to address the full spectrum of HLS needs, including based on vast experience and proven capabilities.

  • Breaching Frame

    A remotely-activated pyrotechnic breaching device, designed to create a passageway for military and law enforcement personnel
    Available in various grain sizes
    Comprises an initiator, flexible transfer cord and detonator
    Can integrate IMI’s MATCHBOX electronic time initiator
    3 way attachment - elescoping pole, magnetic tape and double-sided tape

  • Urban POMINS

    Portable Mine & IED Neutralization System Rocket launched grenade chain for destruction of wire fences, barriers and Improved Explosive Devices (IED) in open & urban scenarios Produces shock wave and fragmentation Length of fully deployed grenade chain - 25m Highest point in flight - 4m Carried and operated by two soldiers

  • .338 Lapua Magnum

    Designed for use by long range sniper rifles Can be used at ranges of up to 1,200 meters Suited for both military and civilian use Meets military requirements

  • 9mm 115 Grain, JHP, Di-Cut

    Premium round for Law Enforcement use High stopping power Superior performance over standard JHP Reduced collateral damage

  • Razor Core, 77 Grain, OTM-BT

    Combat Proven premium round for use by Special & Law Enforcement force Increased range over NATO standard 5.56mm round Twice the accuracy, compared to NATO Standard 5.56mm round Improved lethality Larger injury cavity compared to the standard NATO Ball Reduced collateral damage risk

  • Hatzav 120mm M339 HE MP T Tank Cartridge

    A highly accurate 120mm High-Explosive Multi-Purpose (HE-MP) cartridge against dismounted infantry and LAVs, bunkers and urban structures Long range engagement Programmable multifunctional fuse with 3 operation modes Complies with STANAG and MIL-SPEC Compatible with L-44 and L-55 120mm NATO smoothbore tank guns

  • Advanced Artillery Systems & Solutions

    IMI Systems’ is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced Artillery systems, large caliber ammunition solutions, modular charges and penetrating warheads, providing its customers with various munitions characterized in increased accuracy and extended-range for various Western and Eastern barrels and calibers.

  • MPRS

    Multi-Purpose Rifle System A powerful force-multiplier for the infantry warrior, providing infantry squads with counter defilade airburst capability as well as an effective engagement of: defilade targets, targets behind , obstacles, lightly protected targets and targets inside structures.

  • Red Sky

    Drone Defender System Designed to detect, disrupt and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles engaged in potentially malicious activity or hostile airborne surveillance missions. Stopping UAVs from infiltrating sensitive location (stadiums, airports, secured compounds, military bases, etc.) or to protect VIPs against armful attack by those systems.

  • MPR500

    500 lb Multi-Purpose Rigid GP Bomb A combat-proven Multi-Purpose Rigid penetration and surface attack bomb with MK-84 effectiveness in MK-82 dimensions. With over 90% reliability and was approved by BOEING as compatible with JDAM guidance kit.

  • Fastlight

    Precision Gliding, Affordable Bombs for CAS Precision Gliding Bombs which reduces collateral damage and can be dropped from a wide range of aircraft. The bombs includes a highly effective warheads includes 3 mode fuse and multi-aspect capability, more then 50 km gliding range and 10mCEP accuracy.

  • IED – Improvised Explosive Devices Protection Kits Against EFP &SFF

    Hybrid Protection Modules against IED
    (EFP & SFF): IRON WALL - A passive protection against medium IEDs, such as Explosive Flyer Plates (EFP) and Steel ball charge Focus Fragments (SFF) which combines composite materials and metals. BREAKWATER - An advanced reactive protection against anti-tank shoulder-launched rockets (RPG-7), missiles and heavy EFPs employing advanced copper liners which offers high level of protection against small arms, can defeat RKG-3 shaped-charge grenade and conforms to STANAG 4569 level 5

  • Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC)

    Hard kill Active Protection System for Light to Medium AFVs

    A light and compact system for the protection against short range ATRs, ATGM.
    The all-in-one unit (sensors, computer and launcher) is simple to integrate and includes bolt-on, no penetration to vehicle structure and RF and passive IR independent sensing techniques