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Media Center

Interlaced with breaking news, illuminating photos, diversified video clips and professional articles, our media center interestingly highlights IMI Systems prosperous business activity.

  • IMI Systems ended 2017 with a net profit and a 2.3 billion NIS revenue

    IMI Systems’ Board of Directors headed by chairman Yitzhak Aharonovitch approved the company’s financial reports, which for the first time moved to a net profit of 12 million NIS. The net profit after neutralizing other expenses and revenues amounts to 22 million NIS in 2017.

    Date: 26.03.18
  • IMI Systems will upgrade the Royal Thai Army M-163 VADS

    IMI Systems will upgrade the venerable M-163 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS) of the Royal Thai Army

    Date: 15.02.18
  • For the first time in Singapore Airshow IMI Systems will present its MPR air-to-ground warhead family

    The new MPR warhead is a unique development in the world that gives air-to-ground bomb the exclusive capability of improved penetration in a straight and deep line of progress. This unique advantage provides the bomb with the ability to penetrate and point strike a high-rise building with minimal damage to the uninvolved and low collateral […]

    Date: 05.02.18
  • IMI Systems 5.56APM new round provides the combat soldiers with the fire power of a platoon

    IMI Systems Ltd. has developed and currently manufacturing a new round that combines the advantages of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds. This breakthrough ammunition is already being evaluated by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    Date: 31.01.18
  • IMI Systems’ Passive Buffer protects computer-based systems from cyber attacks

    IMI Systems introduced today atCybertech 2018 its “Passive Buffer” designed to protect computer-based and computer-controlled systems and applications from cyber attacks.  

    Date: 29.01.18
  • Red Sky 2 of IMI Systems secured The King of Thailand’s royal funeral ceremony

    The Red Sky 2 Drone Defender System of IMI Systems protected thousands of participants in the lavish royal funeral ceremony of the former King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).

    Date: 25.01.18
  • IMI Academy for Homeland Security (HLS) Training comes stateside: FORSE IMI to open first academy in Florida

    The new IMI Florida Academy will bring the proficiency and knowledge of the Israeli security forces to Florida.

    Date: 23.01.18
  • IMI Systems sold Red Sky 2 Drone Defender Systems to Thailand

    IMI Systems Ltd. sold to Thailand several portable Red Sky system chassis for the protection against drones which was developed by the company and will be used by the Thai government for protecting strategic facilities.

    Date: 05.12.17
  • IMI awarded a new 37 million NIS contract to supply small caliber ammunition to a NATO country

    The company will supply the European country with a variety of small caliber ammunition products for a total value of 37 million NIS. The Small Caliber Ammunition Division of IMI Systems will showcase a variety of accurate and qualitative small-caliber ammunition for rifles at the MILIPOL International Arms Exhibition to be held this week in Paris.

    Date: 20.11.17
  • IMI Systems will present at the Defense & Security 2017 exhibition, Thailand

    IMI Systems will present in booth # F25 its high-performance technologies, including its enhanced reputable precise artillery technologies, MBTs & IFVs Modernization solutions, high-quality small caliber ammunition, air defense solutions and state-of-the-art multidisciplinary HLS solutions.

    Date: 05.11.17
  • For the first time, IMI Systems will introduce its Spear (Romach)

    IMI Systems will introduce for the first time at the Artillery Corps Association assembly the Spear (Romach) rocket which was developed by the company and recently entered for operational use by the IDF’s Artillery Corps.

    Date: 18.10.17
  • IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training has signed a cooperation agreement with the Indian SREI concern

    As part of the agreement, IMI Academy will train public institutions’ security guards. A first agreement has also been signed to train 750 women for self-defense against assault and attempted rape.

    Date: 17.10.17
  • IMI Systems will present at AUSA 2017

    IMI Systems will present in AUSA 2017, Hall B, Booth # 3539, a variety of weapons systems customized to the US Army needs, including the innovative IF-LD light configuration Active Protection System for all types of AFVs, the Accular 12 rocket for Special Forces and light launchers and the “Hatzav” 105 mm tank shell for […]

    Date: 08.10.17
  • IMI Systems will showcase its advanced artillery, active protection and cyber protection solutions at MSPO, Poland

    During the four-day MSPO event,  IMI Systems will showcase a wide selection of precise rocket systems for ranges from 15 km to 300 km, as well as its Active Protection Systems IRON-FIST & IRON-FIST Light Configuration (IF-LC) and its next generation of operational cyber protection – The Adaptive Communication Enforcer (ACE).

    Date: 27.08.17
  • IMI Systems accelerates its transition to the Negev

    The company published the first tender for infrastructures’ planning at the company’s site in Ramat Beka

    Date: 06.08.17
  • IMI Systems is interested in absorbing about 30 engineers and production workers from the Viewsonic factory in Kiryat Gat

    Following a suggestion of the Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the company approached Viewsonic’s management and asked to refer engineers and production workers to the company

    Date: 16.07.17
  • Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman visited Ashot Ashkelon for the first time ever

    “As we finalize the next multi-year program of the IDF for the next decade, we will also have to finalize a multi-year plan for the defense industries. We expect a significant increase in defense exports and production in the coming years and assess that the defense industries will not be harmed as a result of […]

    Date: 09.07.17
  • The most prestigious award in the defense administration was awarded tonight

    At a festive ceremony at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem the Israel Defense  Prize – the most prestigious award in the defense establishment, for projects and activities that contributed to the security of the State of Israel and to maintain its strength and qualitative advantage on the battlefield, both in terms of technology and operational […]

    Date: 26.06.17
  • Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon: “IMI Systems is an essential Defense company to the state security”

    IMI Systems Ltd. hosted today in its facilities in Ramt HaSharon the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon accompanied by the heads of his ministry, CEO Shai Babad and Head of the Budget Division Amir Levy.

    Date: 20.06.2017
  • Ashot Ashkelon to present its new innovative hybrid propulsion system at the 2017 Paris-Le Bourget Air Show

    Ashot Ashkelon, together with the Italian companies “Efesto” and “C.F.M. Air”, developed a new Hybrid Propulsion System (HPS). The innovative and unique development is a critical component in civil aviation safety.

    Date: 14.06.17
  • IMI Systems has won two Naval RCWS tenders in the Far East

    IMI Systems has received two contracts from two Far Eastern Navies for the supply of WAVE 350 Naval Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) to be integrated on top of naval platforms.

    Date: 25.05.17
  • The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel to increase citizens’ personal safety

    Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, Mr. Haim Bibas and Chairman of IMI Systems, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, decided today to cooperate in promoting the placement of Fortification Bomb Shelter (Migunit) and protected playing facilities in threatened areas

    Date: 23.05.17
  • Yitzhak Aharonovitch Chairman of IMI Systems Ltd will chair its subsidiary Ashot Ashkelon as well

    IMI Systems announced today that Yitzhak Aharonovitch will serve as the Chairman of Ashot Ashkelon as well. The board of Directors of Ashot Ashkelon elected Yitzhak Aharonovitch as its chairman.

    Date: 14.05.17
  • IMI Systems will present in ISDEF its innovative Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC) system

    IMI Systems will present in ISDEF  the Iron Fist Light Configuration – its innovative, lightweight and compact protection system for the protection of APCs and AFVs from various anti-tank missiles threats.

    Date: 11.05.17
  • A new rocket system for Special Forces

    During the the “Latrun Week” Exhibition & Conference  IMI Systems will present for the first time an innovative new rocket system for Special Forces, developed based on the first of its kind Accular precision rocket and designed to assist forces in urban warfare and neutralize targets in ranges up to 35 km.

    Date: 10.05.17
  • For the first time IMI Systems will present in IMDEX Asia 2017, Singapore

    IMI Systems announced that for the first time it will attend the  Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference IMDEX Asia 2017

    Date: 19.04.17
  • IMI Systems will present its reputable Small Arms Ammunition at NRA 2017

    IMI Systems will attend the 146th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits which brings together local and international companies and equipment and services suppliers of firearms, shooting and hunting accessories.

    Date: 18.04.17
  • A sharp improvement in IMI Systems business results

    IMI Systems ended 2016 with an operating profit of NIS 17 million. The financial reports indicate a significant and continuous improvement in all business, marketing and operational parameters.

    Date: 04.04.17
  • IMI Systems launched a new chip processing lineup in its metal plant in Haifa

    IMI Systems launched yesterday a new metal processing lineup in its Haifa metal factory,  which was upgraded at the cost of NIS 60 million.

    Date: 06.04.17
  • IMI Systems will present its advanced technologies at LAAD 2017

    IMI Systems will attend LAAD 2017 and will showcase several of its innovative combat-proven technologies developed for the IDF and are in use by other advanced armies all over the world.

    Date: 28.03.17
  • IMI Systems expands its offer to the Polish Ministry of Defense

    IMI Systems will collaborate with IAI  in order to optimally address the Polish Defense Ministry “HOMAR” project tender for advanced rocket systems and in addition to its EXTRA and Predator Hawk rockets will offer the IAI LORA (Long Range Artillery Rocket) missile system.

    Date: 12.03.17
  • A working meeting between the President of Vietnam and the Chairman of IMI Systems

    “Vietnam and Israel should further promote their cooperation in research & development and technology transfer.” said the president of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Dai Quang, at a reception held for the chairman of the board of IMI Systems Ltd, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, in Hanoi.  

    Date: 21.02.17
  • IMI Systems held live demonstration of neutralizing drones to senior officials from over 14 countries

    IMI Systems, specializing in protecting strategic sites (“Point’s Protection”) and borders between states, demonstrated the next generation of the integrated one of its kind system for intercepting aerial threats and targets as well as neutralizing drones.  

    Date: 15.02.17
  • IMI Systems’ Next Generation Artillery Systems

    IMI Systems successfully demonstrated the full spectrum of its advanced next generation artillery systems to a gathering of senior officials from 17 countries including a number of NATO members.

    Date: 16.11.16
  • The Defense Minister of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman visited IMI Systems

    IMI Systems Ltd. hosted today in its facilities in Ramat HaSharon, the Defense Minister Mr. AvRamatr Lieberman who met the defense company’s leaders, Chairman Mr. Aharonovitch and CEO Mr. Avi Felder.

    Date: 4.1.17
  • Dutch CV90s to become first NATO combat vehicles to be equipped with Iron Fist active protection systems of IMI Systems

    IMI Systems announced today that it has been selected by the Sweden company BAE Hagglunds and the Netherlands army to provide them with its Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC) active protection system (APS) for theCV9035NL IVFs of the Dutch army.

    Date: 24.12.16
  • An enormous multi-year purchase agreement between The Ministry of Defense and IMI Systems

    The Ministry of Defense procurement directorate will purchase from IMI Systems by 2025 ammunition systems at the amount of 1.75 billion NIS.

    Date: 01.01.17
  • IMI Systems appoints former minister Yitzhak Aharonovich as chairman of the board

    IMI Systems Ltd. announced today that the company’s Board of Directors of IMI systems Ltd. approved the appointment of former Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich as Chairman of the Board, alongside the company’s CEO, Avi Felder.

    Date: 10.11.16
  • HLS sloutions at Israel Export Institute conference

    IMI Systems will showcase unique solutions for protecting strategic infrastructures and airspace at the HLS conference sponsored by the Israel Export Institute

    Date: 25.10.16
  • Presenting CIDS at the international HLS means and methodology conference

    IMI Systems to present its Coast & Islands Defense System At the international HLS means and methodology conference

    Date: 25.9.16
  • IMI Systems expands its presence in the US commercial market

    IMI Systems Small Caliber Ammunition Division expands its presence in the US commercial market with an order of 66 million US Dollars

    Date: 18.9.16
  • IMI Systems presents at Poland MSPO exhibition

    IMI Systems presents a variety of products, including advanced long-range rockets in the Poland MSPO exhibition. The company also competes in the final stretch of tender published by the Polish Ministry of National Defense for the procurement of precision rockets.

    Date: 1.9.16
  • IMI Systems developed the Passive Buffer system

    IMI Systems announced of the development of the  Passive Buffer system – an advanced and unique system designed to protect computer-based and computer-controlled systems and applications (CBA)

    Date: 19.05.16
  • Iron Fist the first time in Eurosatory, Paris

    IMI systems will unveil the lightweight Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC) as an operational response against short-range rockets and anti-tank missile threats

    Date: 31.5.16
  • IMI systems expends its backlog to the U.S. Army

    The American company DRS in cooperation with IMI Systems won a perennial contract for manufacturing 273 assault bridging launching systems for the M1A2 Abrams tanks, in a total volume of about 400 M$, including the option of increasing the amount of up to 365 systems.

    Date: 30.5.16
  • IMI System presents at the 4th international Fire Conference

    IMI System presents at the 4th international Fire Conference to be held at the “Beit Htotchan” in Zikron Ya’akov at the sponsorship of “Israel Defense”

    Date: 18.5.16
  • Turkish tank crew saved by IMI Systems upgrade solution

    A Turkish tank occupying a position outside of Mosul, Iraq was hit by an ISIS anti-tank missile, but sustained minimal damages thanks to Israeli upgrades on the tank.

    Date: 14.4.16
  • IMI Wins US Army Tender to Supply Decoy Flares

    IMI Systems announced today of that the U.S. Army has awarded IMI Systems a 5.7 million dollar contract to deliver decoy flares for the aircrafts in use by its Special Forces.

    Date: 12.4.16
  • Extending Coastal Defense to the Open Sea

    IMI is introducing an innovative coastal defense solution designed to defend strategic coastal and maritime areas on land and at sea

    Date: 10.2.16