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  • A working meeting between the President of Vietnam and the Chairman of IMI Systems

    “Vietnam and Israel should further promote their cooperation in research & development and technology transfer.” said the president of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Dai Quang, at a reception held for the chairman of the board of IMI Systems Ltd, Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovitch, in Hanoi.  

    Date: 21.02.17
  • IMI Systems held live demonstration of neutralizing drones to senior officials from over 14 countries

    IMI Systems, specializing in protecting strategic sites (“Point’s Protection”) and borders between states, demonstrated the next generation of the integrated one of its kind system for intercepting aerial threats and targets as well as neutralizing drones.  

    Date: 15.02.17
  • The Defense Minister of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman visited IMI Systems

    IMI Systems Ltd. hosted today in its facilities in Ramat HaSharon, the Defense Minister Mr. AvRamatr Lieberman who met the defense company’s leaders, Chairman Mr. Aharonovitch and CEO Mr. Avi Felder.

    Date: 4.1.17
  • Dutch CV90s to become first NATO combat vehicles to be equipped with Iron Fist active protection systems of IMI Systems

    IMI Systems announced today that it has been selected by the Sweden company BAE Hagglunds and the Netherlands army to provide them with its Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC) active protection system (APS) for theCV9035NL IVFs of the Dutch army.

    Date: 24.12.16
  • IMI Systems’ Next Generation Artillery Systems

    IMI Systems successfully demonstrated the full spectrum of its advanced next generation artillery systems to a gathering of senior officials from 17 countries including a number of NATO members.

    Date: 16.11.16
  • An enormous multi-year purchase agreement between The Ministry of Defense and IMI Systems

    The Ministry of Defense procurement directorate will purchase from IMI Systems by 2025 ammunition systems at the amount of 1.75 billion NIS.

    Date: 16.11.16
  • IMI Systems appoints former minister Yitzhak Aharonovich as chairman of the board

    IMI Systems Ltd. announced today that the company’s Board of Directors of IMI systems Ltd. approved the appointment of former Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich as Chairman of the Board, alongside the company’s CEO, Avi Felder.

    Date: 10.11.16
  • HLS sloutions at Israel Export Institute conference

    IMI Systems will showcase unique solutions for protecting strategic infrastructures and airspace at the HLS conference sponsored by the Israel Export Institute

    Date: 25.10.16
  • Presenting CIDS at the international HLS means and methodology conference

    IMI Systems to present its Coast & Islands Defense System At the international HLS means and methodology conference

    Date: 25.9.16
  • IMI Systems expands its presence in the US commercial market

    IMI Systems Small Caliber Ammunition Division expands its presence in the US commercial market with an order of 66 million US Dollars

    Date: 18.9.16
  • IMI Systems presents at Poland MSPO exhibition

    IMI Systems presents a variety of products, including advanced long-range rockets in the Poland MSPO exhibition. The company also competes in the final stretch of tender published by the Polish Ministry of National Defense for the procurement of precision rockets.

    Date: 1.9.16
  • IMI Systems developed the Passive Buffer system

    IMI Systems announced of the development of the  Passive Buffer system – an advanced and unique system designed to protect computer-based and computer-controlled systems and applications (CBA)

    Date: 19.05.16
  • Iron Fist the first time in Eurosatory, Paris

    IMI systems will unveil the lightweight Iron Fist Light Configuration (IF-LC) as an operational response against short-range rockets and anti-tank missile threats

    Date: 31.5.16
  • IMI systems expends its backlog to the U.S. Army

    The American company DRS in cooperation with IMI Systems won a perennial contract for manufacturing 273 assault bridging launching systems for the M1A2 Abrams tanks, in a total volume of about 400 M$, including the option of increasing the amount of up to 365 systems.

    Date: 30.5.16
  • IMI System presents at the 4th international Fire Conference

    IMI System presents at the 4th international Fire Conference to be held at the “Beit Htotchan” in Zikron Ya’akov at the sponsorship of “Israel Defense”

    Date: 18.5.16
  • Turkish tank crew saved by IMI Systems upgrade solution

    A Turkish tank occupying a position outside of Mosul, Iraq was hit by an ISIS anti-tank missile, but sustained minimal damages thanks to Israeli upgrades on the tank.

    Date: 14.4.16
  • IMI Wins US Army Tender to Supply Decoy Flares

    IMI Systems announced today of that the U.S. Army has awarded IMI Systems a 5.7 million dollar contract to deliver decoy flares for the aircrafts in use by its Special Forces.

    Date: 12.4.16
  • Extending Coastal Defense to the Open Sea

    IMI is introducing an innovative coastal defense solution designed to defend strategic coastal and maritime areas on land and at sea

    Date: 10.2.16