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Media Center

Interlaced with breaking news, illuminating photos, diversified video clips and professional articles, our media center interestingly highlights IMI Systems prosperous business activity.

  • World-class reputation of Small Caliber Ammunition

    The Small Caliber Ammunition Division of IMI Systems is world renowned for the development, design and manufacturing of high-quality military grade and commercial cartridges. Active in the small caliber ammunition market since 1945, the company’s wide range of combat and field-proven products are all combat proven and fully compliant with NATO, MIL-C & IDF military […]

  • The next generation of the reputable “Hatzav” tank shell

    In view of the success of the 120 mm “Hatzav” shell in Tzuk Eitan Operation, IMI Systems began the development of 105 mm caliber “Hatzav” shell, in accordance with the future light tanks of the US and NATO armies.

  • Innovative mortar shells for first-round effective fire and immediate accurate response

    With its next generation of mortar shell IMI Systems helps its customers all over the world to meet the demanding challenges of improving range, accuracy and impact on target.

  • IMI Systems Advanced Artillery Rocket Systems

    IMI Systems, develops and manufactures a wide range of artillery rocket and missile weapon systems. Our flagship products and services include land-based and naval artillery rocket and missile systems, target rockets, precision strike Trajectory Correction Systems (TCS) rocket systems, upgrades of artillery rocket systems and state-of-the-art artillery ammunition.

  • The optimal solution for Armor Corps needs
    IMI’s 120mm Tank Ammunition

    IMI Developed and offers to its customers a variety of 120mm × 570 munitions for smooth bore tank guns, which provide an optimal solution for the needs of the Armor Corps.  We offer a comprehensive solution, which includes both operational and training cartridges (ballistically matched), a sub-caliber training device. The portfolio includes the following types […]

  • IMI Systems Spear (Romach)
    A unique rocket of its kind in the world

    The Spear (Romach) rocket which was developed by the company and is already in operational use by the IDF’s Artillery Corps is a unique rocket of its kind in the world.

  • 120mm APAM-MP-T M329
    State of the Art Tank Cartridge

    M329 is the name of an Anti-personnel Anti materiel Multi-Purpose (MP) cartridge, an innovative product development recently completed by IMI Systems Ltd for the NATO 120 mm tank guns, such as the Merkava Mark 3, Mark 4, Leo2 and others.  This cartridge, which has become operational recently, is designed to provide all that is necessary […]

  • One single platform for multipurpose rockets

    As a national center of excellence in the field of weapon systems and applications, IMI Systems solutions are well known to have the best performance in the industry and positioned the company among the global leaders.

  • IMI Systems solutions extend modern naval capabilities

    The naval arena of today is facing new complicated challenges that require improved fire capabilities and enhanced level of contribution to multi-brunch military operations.

  • IMI Systems’ innovative weapon solutions empower ground forces across the contemporary battlefield

    “Artillery is the king of battle” declared Napoleon, the first general in the world to use mass artillery after realizing the great impact it has on the battlefield.
    In a situation of threatened forces, sometimes to the point of helplessness, when the enemy shoots from various directions and there is no accurate intelligence – The artillery firepower confuses the enemy which can’t predict where the next shell will hit and thereby counteracting the threat.

  • Developing today the turnkey rocket solutions of tomorrow

    The market has changed. Customers in the defense market of today seek for solutions rather than products only and therefore prefer to work with solutions providers over hardware manufacturers.

  • Addressing end-to-end modern battlefield needs

    Established in 1933 IMI Systems (formerly Israeli Military Industries) is a defense systems house specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and implementation of end to end defense solution for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield.