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IMI Systems will present at the Defense & Security 2017 exhibition, Thailand

IMI Systems will present in booth # F25 its high-performance technologies, including its enhanced reputable precise artillery technologies, MBTs & IFVs Modernization solutions, high-quality small caliber ammunition, air defense solutions and state-of-the-art multidisciplinary HLS solutions.

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Ramat HaSharon, Israel, November 5th, 2017 – IMI Systems announced that it will attend the “Defense & Security 2017” exhibition & conference.

As part of its long-standing operations in Asia, IMI Systems collaborates with leading local defence industries and provides a wide range of system solutions which are specifically customized to the unique operational needs of Asian countries, such as marine and islands protection systems, and the solutions provided by the company following its recent winning in the two naval RCWS tenders of countries in the region.

During the four-days’ event, to be held this year on November 6-9 at the Impact Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand, IMI Systems will showcase in booth # F25 its high-performance technologies, trusted and used by governments and armies in over 70 countries worldwide, including IDF, US Military and NATO nations. This includes IMI Systems’ enhanced reputable precise artillery technologies, its MBTs & IFVs Modernization solutions, high-quality small caliber ammunition, air defence solutions and state-of-the-art multidisciplinary HLS solutions.

With 85 years of experience in the development of artillery solutions, and as a sole supplier of solutions to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), IMI Systems is positioned among the world’s leading companies in the development and manufacturing of fire-support systems in general and advanced artillery solutions in particular.

These capabilities join the company’s vast expertise in conversion, upgrading and modernization of MBTs and IFVs, enabling customers to maximize the use of existing inventories and extend the lifespan of in-service systems by improving lethality, survivability and mobility.
The extensive experience of IMI Systems in MBT & IFV modernization includes, inter alia, the upgrade of 170 M60A3 MBTs of the Turkish Land Forces Command which considered the world’s largest tank upgrade program of recent years.

Within its diversified portfolio, IMI Systems will also showcase its small caliber ammunition. The company’s Small Caliber Ammunition Division is a recognized world leader specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of high-quality small caliber ammunition including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, 338 Lapua Magnum and 12.7mm.
The capacity of IMI Systems to rapidly and qualitatively meet Special Forces’ operational requirements is based on the company’s vast experience as the sole supplier to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and a long-term supplier of other global customers including the US Army, NATO armies, law enforcement authorities, special units and many other security entities around the world in accordance with NATO, MIL-SPEC, IDF standards, while reflecting proven ability to meet the most stringent military specifications.

IMI Systems’ reputable solutions’ array will be presented as part of the Israeli Defense Export Division (SIBAT) in booth F25 and will include, among many others, the following:

MBT & IFV Modernization Programs which comprise of modernization package for veteran MBTs such as the M60 and reflected in upgrading the level of survivability, firepower, and maneuverability. These modernization packages can include hybrid add-on protection, IR & laser warning system and situational awareness systems as well as replacing and upgrading guns and weapons systems, digital fire control systems, armor and automotive enhancements, remotely controlled weapon stations, active protection systems, enhanced suspension, improved power pack and tracks, and more.

Advanced Artillery Technologies developed and manufactured by IMI Systems and include a wide range of artillery rocket and missile weapon systems. The IMI Systems’ flagship products and services include land-based and naval artillery rocket and missile systems, target rockets, precision strike Trajectory Correction Systems (TCS) rocket systems, upgrades of artillery rocket systems and state-of-the-art artillery ammunition. Among the advanced artillery solutions IMI will present:

­ACCULAR 122mm – A most cost-effective accurate rocket, designed to support ground forces and neutralize targets in areas where traditional artillery is limited by the accuracy and long-range missiles are not cost-effective (too expensive). This accurate rocket is equipped with advanced warheads, either controlled fragmentation or for penetration, and offers an accuracy of less than 10m CEP.

­EXTRA – A long-range missile in the industry, which provides a precise long-range capability for day or night use in all weather conditions. This most cost-effective has a maximum range of 150 km and a Circular Error of Probability (CEP) of 10 meters.

­Predator Hawk – A 300 km range, high precision and maneuverability rocket with an accuracy level of less than 10 meters CEP. Designed to attack high pay-off targets on the entire battlefield.

­LYNX – An autonomous & modular launching system, capable of firing various artillery rockets and tactical missiles, including GRAD, LAR, EXTRA and DELILAH-GL precision attack weapon.

RED SKY 2 Compact Defence Missile System– A highly effective low-altitude Point & Air defense solution, rapidly deployed, compact RADAR systems designed to protect stationary sites, mobile dismounted and rapid-deployed forces using advanced features such as MANPADS missiles, IR Tracker, Radar System and a Command and Control Unit (C³). By integrating advanced passive sensors with a remote-controlled operation unit, RED SKY 2 extends the capabilities and effective range of existing MANPAD missiles, which are usually limited due to human factors, to their maximum potential and range.

RED SKY Drone Defender System – expanded system’s capabilities designed to better cope with drones’ growing threat and protecting strategic sites, borders, and assets in urban environments. The “Red Sky” system provides a comprehensive solution against drones’ threats, including detecting and identifying hostiles, automatic tracking as well as disrupting and neutralizing their abilities before carrying out their missions.
The system can be integrated into the defense array of sensitive facilities, in urban areas and/or other and can also be installed on a vehicle and protect maneuver forces against aircrafts and drones.

HLS Solutions – As an HLS turnkey solutions provider, IMI Systems offers governments, security agencies, public and private corporations and commercial clients worldwide a fully integrated, state-of-the-art multi-layer and multidisciplinary solutions in the areas of advanced security, public safety, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, intelligence, and cyber & IT security, which are all based on vast experience and proven capabilities and designed to address a wide spectrum of evolving requirements.

IMI’s comprehensive and holistic HLS solutions include consulting, know-how, doctrine, methodology, and instruction led by the IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training and each solution covers every aspect of advanced equipment, technologies, implementation and continued support, can be specifically tailored to the customer’s needs and conducted at the Academy facilities and/or at customer’s sites around the world.