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IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training has signed a cooperation agreement with the Indian SREI concern

As part of the agreement, IMI Academy will train public institutions’ security guards. A first agreement has also been signed to train 750 women for self-defense against assault and attempted rape.

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Ramat Hasharon, Israel, October 17, 2017 – IMI Systems announced that the IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training, specializing in a wide variety of internal security areas, is expanding its activities and has signed a cooperation agreement with the Indian concern SREI, in which IMI Academy, together with BCL, will train security guards of public, homeland security and internal security institutions.

SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited, one of India’s largest holistic infrastructure institutions is specializing in the development of financing and infrastructures’ solutions totaling in over 5 billion USD consolidated assets. The vision of the owners of the concern, the Kanoria brothers, was to upgrade the Indian security guard capabilities alongside the citizen’s sense of safety.

In light of the terrorist attacks that India has experienced and still are taking place in the country, the Kanorias have reached the understanding that the level of security guards must be increased and given the ability to cope with the operational challenges they face.

Consequently, SREI turned to IMI Academy and during the past year the cooperation agreement was formed and led to the establishment of a cooperative Academy for the studying and training of HLS professions in general and security, in particular.
A first agreement has been signed these days already to train 750 women for self-defense against assault and attempted rape.

IMI Systems Academy for Advanced HLS training is specializing in training and maintaining fighters’ ability in various security issues, including security, counterterrorism, cyber intelligence and more on the national level.

The Academy trains security personnel for governmental and government agencies from Israel and abroad, among whom can be mentioned: the defense establishment, internal security and homeland security, the Prime Minister’s Office, the President’s Residence, and more.

Most of the faculty members and lecturers are graduates of the state security system, the police and elite units of the IDF. The unique Academy complex, which enables training of about 200 students at the same time, is located near the Soreq interchange in the southern part of the Trans-Israel Highway, where all the training facilities are located. Recently, a number of unique training facilities have been added, such as the urban fighting zone, which enables training in very similar configurations to reality.

Additionally, the Academy has recently formulated crisis management and emergency situations training programs designed for managers and senior executives in business institutions and has been implemented for several years in international universities, among students who are coming to Israel to join these training programs. The Academy also specializes in training managers, factory workers and industrial zones in rescue methodologies and activities in cases of security or safety emergencies.