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Corporate Responsibility

At IMI Systems, the fundamentals of corporate responsibility are beyond the necessity to meet legal compliance. They are sustainable and inseparable part of the way we operate, doing business and treat others. Hence our corporate responsibility is supported and driven by uncompromising set of values and leadership approach that encompass strict compliance, accessibility, community, safety and environment programs.


IMI Systems compliance program is aimed to prevent, as far as possible, the involvement of the Company and its Personnel in an offense of bribery of foreign public officials.

The Compliance Program also includes measures that apply to third parties such as agents and other intermediaries, consultants, representatives, distributors, contractors and suppliers, consortia, and joint venture partners (hereinafter “Third Party Business Partners”).

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As part of its accessibility policy, IMI Systems is proud to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Recommendations for making web content more accessible, and offer an AA accessibility level in its new website, designed to allow a wider range of people with disabilities and anyone who wishes to visit this site an equal ability to enjoy the information and services available on the site.

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IMI Systems recognizes the commitment of its retired employees who dedicated many years of their lives to strengthening the company and is committed to allowing them a smooth and dignifying retiring process.

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Safety & Environment

IMI Systems is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of the public and its employees who come through its gates, and of the environment in which it operates, to be achieved through strict adherence to the laws and regulations of the State of Israel and of the communities in which it operates. This commitment is reflected in the detailed procedures and instructions upheld by the company. In order to fulfill its commitment the company undertakes.

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