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‎IMI Systems specializes in the development of innovative weapons and arming systems and of unique products based on creative thinking and advanced technology that offer the best response in the modern battlefield in the air, land and homeland protection (HLS).

For us, in IMI systems, human resource is the most important resource and we, therefore, invest much in the recruitment process while paying full attention to human and social qualities alongside the professional capabilities and the relevant experience.

Who can join IMI Systems?

As an organization that values the human resource and regards it as an essential factor in our success, we always seek dedicated team members who excel while working in cooperation, flexibility, service awareness and attention to the other and to the environment alongside being achievement-oriented, ambitious and enjoy qualities of perseverance and commitment to the organization, to the project and to the tasks at hand.

How to joine IMI systems?

We are very adamant in our search for human and social qualities that are combined with professional capabilities and a relevant experience. We, therefore, pay much attention to our recruitment and classification processes.

Why to joine IMI Systems?

Hundreds of talented engineers, scientists and developers find employment in IMI Systems and apply development systems and a range of advanced and leading technologies in a modern business working ecology that combines constant doing and contribution of critical importance to the security of the state of Israel.

A technological, innovative and challenging work environment
Those who chose to joine us are those who chose:
– To be a central cause in the design of the IDF’s force and the consolidation of the operational abilities of the defense forces in Israel and many countries in the world.
– To work in a work environment that combines knowledge and advanced technologies, creativity and the striving towards excellence.
– To experience a sense of a mission, partnership, esprit de corps and a real meaning of doing and contributing to the defense of the country.

Personal promotion
We take a long view at the careers of our employees. The company’s policy supports labor mobility and promotion of an employee after a successful period of functioning in the same capacity. This is done in consideration of the needs of the deferent divisions of the organization. The size of the organization and the variety of business administrations and the company’s projects enable the employees:
–  To be the first ones to be exposed and offer their candidacy to the various new openings that become available now and then.
– To enjoy different and diverse professional training that is adjusted to their position
– To be part of projects of different content
– To advance professionally and to hold in depth positions as sources of knowledge
– To move forward to transverse and cross-organizational managerial positions

Professional development
IMI Systems’ training administration engages in the search for employees who have growth and advancement potential. Each year it offers a range of technological, vocational and managerial courses Moreover, employees of the company participate in technological conventions, training and learning outside the organization. This is done in order to enable each employee to fulfill his job at the highest standard while using a range of opportunities for learning as well as professional and personal development.

Terms and benefits
Work in IMI Systems enables a combination between family life and a successful and advancing career/ company’s employees to enjoy comprehensive pension programs, health and dental treatment insurances, a study fund, meals, trips, events, shows, summer camps and a range of sports activities and other benefits at subsidized and attractive rates. The company assists parents working in IMI with a shortened working day, with reimbursing for daycare centers and summer camps, and by offering them a supportive work environment.


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