VP, Human Resources

Mr. Avi Einat is the Corporate Vice President for Human Resources at IMI Systems since early 2008.
During his 9 years with the company Mr. Einat led to a series of major human resources processes, including the retirement and recruiting of hundreds of employees, the restructuring and the consolidation of the labor agreements that accompanied the company’s privatization process.

Prior to joining IMI Systems Mr. Einat served in a numerous command positions in the IDF, mostly at the intelligence department.
His early roles were engaged in engineering, project management and management in the technological units of which his last two positions were in the field of human resources as head of the technological and academic human resource administration at the Personnel Division and the head of the Intelligence Human Resources Department, from which he retired as colonel (Res).

Mr. Einat holds a BA with honors in Electronic Engineering and an MBA, both from the Tel Aviv University.

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