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About Us

Established in 1933 as Israel Military Industries Ltd, and wholly owned by the State of Israel, IMI Systems Ltd is a globally recognized defense systems house, specializing in the development and manufacturing of comprehensive combat-proven solutions and technologies for the land, air, naval and cyber and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield.

More than 8 decades of experience in the defense market bestow IMI Systems’ reputation as a well-known and highly appreciated defense systems manufacturer in the areas of various precision munitions, Combat mobility, survivability and protection systems, armor solutions, HLS and Crisis Management.

Positioned among the world’s leading defense solution providers, IMI Systems market its wide variety of products to its various customers in over 70 countries around the world.

As a reliable source for a broad range of defense solutions, IMI Systems is a preferred supplier of the IDF and a trusted provider of military and government agencies worldwide, including US Military (Air Force, Army and Navy) and NATO nations.

With a worldwide presence and strong partnerships and collaborations with defense and governmental organizations, IMI Systems conducts large-scale defense projects, including localization, technology and production know-how transfer, aiming to assist in the development of local industries and the manufacturing of future tailor-made solutions.

The nationwide company employs 3200 employees in its various business areas which include Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Air, Naval, HLS and Small Caliber Ammunition, as well as in its variety of manufacturing, test and laboratory’ facilities, and has four subsidiaries: IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training and Ashot Ashkelon industries Ltd located in Israel and IMI Services U.S.A Inc. and IMI Trading U.S.A Inc., located in the USA.

IMI Systems’ unique array of capabilities enables its customers and business partners to enjoy the benefit of high standards, uncompromising quality solutions while facilitating their abilities to successfully cope with the demanding challenges of the future battlefield.

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To be a world class leading defense company,
providing cutting edge systems and solutions for Land, Air, Naval and Home Front forces


Our code of ethics


At IMI Systems, we believe that our company’s business conduct should be carried out with integrity and transparency, conducted in line with required business ethics, in good faith and mutual respect.

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Our Leaders' Statements

  • Mr. Yitzhak Aharonovich,
    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Since before the establishment of the State of Israel, throughout Israel’s wars and up until today, IMI Systems has been interlaced and inseparable part of the annals of the State of Israel.
    IMI Systems’ areas of activity are mainly engaged in the development, production, upgrading, marketing and supply of a wide range of weapons systems, ammunitions, combat and protection means, designed for various objectives

    Primarily focusing in the artillery, air, armor and engineering, infantry, HLS and small caliber ammunition fields, the IMI Systems group’s business activity also includes Ashot Ashkelon Ltd., a subsidiary specializing in the field of armored vehicles and aviation operation.

    Through all its years of operation, IMI systems has been in a constant process of improvement, adjusting its precise weapons systems to the exact needs of the battlefield, employing excellent managers and workers with the highest technical education, as well as senior officers who retired after decades of serving at the highest levels of command posts in the IDF and its various units.

    During recent years there has been a major improvement in IMI Systems’ business results, with an ongoing increase in sales volume and gross profit trends, along with the implementation of corporate and business reforms that include substantial restructuring and vast employee retirement.

    Over the coming years the company’s business objective will focus in developing and producing innovative and revolutionary projects, while concentrating on defined core areas and growth engines, including advanced artillery systems and ammunition, precision guided mortars and active protection systems.

    We will continue producing and developing unique solutions for our strategic anchor, the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

    We will promote and expedite the relocation of the company’s plants to the Negev with accordance to the principles of the government strategic resolution, and as part of the State and company’s strategic move to relocate defense industries to the nationwide periphery and the Negev zone in particularly.

    I will continue to act as Chairman of the Board, together with all the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and the company’s management and lead the company’s business prosperity, efficiency and technological excellence, as well as to maximize the unique and vital contribution of IMI Systems to the security of the State of Israel.

    Yitzhak Aharonovitch
    Chairman of the Board of Directors

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  • Mr. Avi Felder,
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    IMI Systems Ltd began its operation in the 1930’s, as the pioneer of the Israeli defense industries and played a major role in supplying weapons and ammunition for the country in the making.

    In its early days, IMI operated under what was know as “The Institutes” – clandestine production facilities that were secretly established across the country, such as the “Ayalon Institute” which operated at the Kibbutzim Hill right under the nose of the British authorities.

    IMI has come a long way since the period of the British Mandate. Since 1948 and throughout its years of operation, IMI served as a key supplier of weapons and ammunition for the land, aerial and naval arms of the Israeli defense forces.

    For 41 years, between the years of 1949-1990, it functioned as a support unit within Israel’s Ministry of Defense, and in 1990 it became Israeli Military Industries Ltd, a governmental company, owned by the State of Israel. In 2016 IMI went through a significant restructuring process and as a preparation for future challenges, it operates now as IMI Systems Ltd.

    IMI Systems develops and manufactures a range of unique products, technologically advanced and creatively engineered, designed to provide high quality and efficient solutions for the security requirements of the State of Israel and various customers around the world. Hence, IMI systems Ltd. remains a key factor in preserving the IDF’s self-sufficiency, in reducing Israel’s dependence on the import of military supplies, all the while significantly bolstering Israel’s economic power thanks to its global sales revenue.

    Positioned currently amongst the world’s leading companies in the field of weapons systems manufacturing, IMI Systems offers its customers comprehensive systems and solutions, starting from partnering in doctrines design to establishing multidisciplinary arrays.

    Headquartered in Israel, the company employs thousands of workers in its local and global subsidiaries and in its various facilities around the world and across Israel – from Kiryat Shmona in the north to the Beersheba in the south.

    I am proud of our human resource quality and consider it an essential asset in IMI Systems’ ability to successfully compete with global defense industry giants.
    Fulfilling the abundant potential of IMI Systems through a synergistic combination of knowledge, creativity, advanced technologies and striving for excellence, enable the company to develop and deliver innovative weapons and ammunition systems, alongside combat arrays and frameworks – All optimally design to address a wide range of future battlefield needs of the IDF, security entities and foreign armies.

    It is my privilege to lead the company since 2005, from its days as Israel Military Industries, and later as IMI Systems, all the while witnessing its progress and growth over the years, while ensuring that our customers are always at the center of attention. Let us remember the past and shape the future for many years ahead.

    Avi Felder
    President and Chief Executive Officer

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